The Need for Stable, Quality Jobs – The Key to a Stronger Middle Class

Moved by Senior Liberals' Commission


  • Senior Registered Liberals across Canada identified the need for “stronger government efforts to create stable, quality jobs for all Canadians, with an emphasis on creating real opportunities for the younger generations” as a priority issue ;
  • Statistics Canada estimates that the Canadian economy has lost 7% of its mid-skilled jobs during the past 10 years, resulting in a decline in median incomes during the past decade;
  • Many middle-aged workers displaced by these losses have been forced to take lower level part-time jobs with limited benefits. Similarly, many younger, well-educated Canadians are also forced to take lower level part-time jobs that do not support progress toward a middle class life-style;
  • While Canada has supported innovation through education, R&D, and tax incentives, there is limited evidence that such innovations translate into a sufficient number of quality jobs for Canadians; and
  • Other countries such as China, Germany and South Korea provide models of cooperation among government, industry and academia leading to globally competitive corporations and associated jobs in new economic sectors;


BE IT RESOLVED the Government of Canada:

  • to provide leadership in partnership with Canadian businesses, unions and educational institutions for identifying new business sectors in which Canadian corporations can create the necessary advantages to compete internationally thereby supporting stable, quality jobs for all Canadians; and
  • to develop the necessary programs to ensure Canadian innovations translate into stable, quality jobs by encouraging and supporting Canadian corporations to grow and compete in the global marketplace.

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