Supporting Innovations for Local Food Production

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Newfoundland and Labrador)


  • many parts of Canada, especially rural and remote areas, are heavily dependent on food imports;
  • processed foods have longer shelf lives and are easier to transport, and are connected to rising rates of obesity and rates of obesity-related illnesses;
  • local production of food enhances reliable access to foodstuffs, reduces transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, reduces foods wastage and spoilage, and can reduce food insecurity;
  • local production of food can provide meaningful employment opportunities, particularly in rural and remote areas that are suffering economically, and can provide enhanced access to fresh (non-processed) foods;
  • prolonged environmental assessments and governmental approvals for agriculture and aquaculture industries can delay development, which is particularly disadvantageous in remote and rural areas with low employment rates and a lack of local food production

BE IT RESOLVED the Liberal Party of Canada encourages the Government of Canada to:

  • develop a plan for all jurisdictions to have a locally grown food supply that would maximize the use of local labour and local resources and minimize regulatory hurdles;
  • consider new methods and technologies of food production that would support northern, rural, and remote communities in increasing local food production.

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