Redressing Tax Avoidance

Moved by National Women's Liberal Commission


  • Profit shifting tax avoidance schemes, such as the use of tax havens, result in:
    • Erosion of the national tax base
    • Increasing government deficits
  • A concentration of wealth and power;
  • Redressing tax avoidance involves resolving the problems of:
    o competition among countries for corporate investment
    o profit shifting to tax havens;
  • According to the organization Canadians for Tax Fairness, Canadian tax losses due to tax
    havens range from $10 to $15 billion a year;
  • Tax Justice Network estimates that globally governments are losing tax revenues of:
    • $500bn a year due to profit shifting tax avoidance by corporations
    • $200bn a year due to undeclared offshore wealth of individuals;
  • Mechanisms for moving corrupt money, criminal money and commercial tax-avoiding money are the same;
  • Concerted international action is essential to redressing tax avoidance;


BE IT RESOLVED the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Government of Canada to redress tax avoidance by working internationally to eliminate tax avoidance strategies through such measures as:

  • Public registries of the actual (beneficial) owners of companies, trusts, etc..
  • Public country-by-country reporting requirements for all multinationals, in order to tax profits in the countries where they originated
  • Establishing an intergovernmental body at the United Nations to negotiate a global
    agreement to eliminate tax havens and redress tax avoidance.

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