Protecting Freshwater Resources – Export and Marketing

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec)


  • water is an essential resource for the lives of Canadians;
  • Canada has more than 7% of the world’s renewable water;
  • no federal program outlines export and marketing regulation;
  • the conservation of the’ natural water’ resource is enshrined in the Canada Water Resources Act, but the export and marketing of freshwater remains a gap in discussions on international agreements, pacts or treaties;
  • the management of border resources must be based on agreements between the various levels of government of each member country to determine the non-market value of water and ensure that it is not exported for profit between the Boundary Waters Treaty (BWT) countries;
  • the federal government recognizes the authority of the provinces and municipalities to manage aquatic resources;
  • several world organizations predict that by 2025 some 34 countries will run out of water;
  • there will be strong pressure in the coming years to export water to countries experiencing drought and a lack of drinking water (United States and the Middle East).

BE IT RESOLVED Canada recognize freshwater as a Canadian Heritage asset and grant the status as a resource to exercise full sovereignty;

BE IT RESOLVED to regulate ecosystem conservation for current and future populations, steps be taken to determine federal governance with the provinces to justify nonmarket management of this resource (freshwater) and conservation of fresh water supplies.

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