National Three-Oceans Policy for Security, Environmental Protection and Development

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Nova Scotia)


  • Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world, fronting on three oceans, and four great lakes;
  • Canada needs to reaffirm its position as a leading state in sustainable oceanic research, and development;
  • Canada’s capacity for oceanic and Arctic scientific research has been diminished by a failure to renew our oceanographic research vessels;
  • high capacity submarine fiber optics telecommunications cables are currently being laid to connect Europe and Asia, through the Canadian Arctic without provision of access by the Canadian Government or Canadian Arctic communities, which are restricted to slow and expensive satellite internet services;
  • the current national ocean policy “Canada’s ocean strategy” needs to be updated to reflect the realities of today.


BE IT RESOLVED the Canadian government:

  • commission a 21st century comprehensive integrated three-Oceans Policy, including environmental protection, economic and social development, scientific research, sovereignty and security;
  • implement a strategy to re-establish Canada’s oceanographic research capabilities, including acquiring oceanographic research vessels for the short, medium, and long term;
  • for purposes of security, sovereignty and Arctic community development, make full access to telecommunications (internet) capacity a requirement for any trans-Arctic telecommunications cables transiting through Canada’s Arctic waters.

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