Implementation of a Guaranteed Minimum Income Model

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec)


  • almost 5 million Canadians live in poverty;
  • the gap between the highest and lowest incomes continues to grow with each passing year;
  • some economists believe that maintaining growth in industrialized countries requires a narrowing of this gap to stimulate household consumption;
  • technological advances, and in particular advances in artificial intelligence, will lead to the loss of many skilled and unskilled jobs;
  • people who lose their jobs will have to retrain, perhaps several times in their lives;
  • a guaranteed minimum income would constitute an unconditional source of income, which could be used by everyone as he or she sees fit;
  • according to some studies, the guaranteed minimum income could replace other provincial and federal government benefits and would require less administrative work, particularly because of the lack of controls;
  • a pilot project on Guaranteed Minimum Income is currently underway in Ontario and a similar project is being considered in Québec and other Canadian provinces;
  • the federal government could intervene in this jurisdiction, as it did for universal health insurance;

BE IT RESOLVED the Government of Canada:

  • review past and ongoing pilot projects, as well as studies carried out by academic experts on the subject
  • work with the provinces to develop a universal, equitable and sustainable guaranteed minimum income model for the benefit of all Canadians;
  • inform and consult with the public on the implementation of this model.

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