Instagram Race

Join the Instagram Race for a chance to win a $100 Liberal Boutique gift card!

How to qualify:

  • Follow @LiberalCA on Instagram
  • Perform any 7 of the challenges below (min. 1 from around town) and post on Instagram (can be posted as stories, individual posts, or as a bundled post)
  • Use the #Lib2018 hashtag on every post
  • Come to the Team Trudeau Hub by Saturday at 1pm to show your entries for a chance to win a $100 Liberal Boutique gift card


At Convention site:

  • Selfie with an MP (if they have Instagram, tag them!) - try to get one with an MP recently elected in a by-election!
  • Selfie with a Liberal volunteer
  • Photo of someone wearing a Liberal clothing item or accessory (it can be you!)
  • Selfie with another attendee from a province other than your own
  • A video clip of your favourite keynote speech
  • Boomerang or hyperlapse with the #Lib2018 sign (get creative!)
  • Video of you or anyone else singing a line from “Barrett’s Privateers”
  • Selfie with a Canadian flag

Around town:

  • A Boom with a view - take a Boomerang from the top of Citadel Hill
  • Take a selfie with PM Trudeau - PM Pierre Trudeau, that is. Head to Carrefour Shop at Historic Properties to find him
  • This wave you can’t surf on - head to the boardwalk to get a selfie!
  • Award winning architecture with books reaching to the sky, go to the rooftop and treat your eye - take a selfie outside the Halifax Central Library
  • Tick tock, I can be seen for blocks - take a selfie in front of the Town Clock