Reclaiming and Sustaining Canada’s Healthcare

Moved by Senior Liberals' Commission, LPC(BC)


  • in 2014, over 4 million Canadians had no family doctor;
  • waitlists for specialists and surgical procedures are among the highest they have ever been, with significant regional disparities, including for rural areas and indigenous peoples;
  • in 2017, the International Commonwealth Fund ranked Canada’s health care ninth among eleven high-income countries;
  • the Federal Government commissioned the Advisory Panel on Health Care Innovation, (2015) chaired by Dr. David Naylor, to identify “areas of innovation that have potential to sustainably reduce growth in health spending while leading to improvements in the quality and accessibility of care”;
  • the panel reported Canadian healthcare “in crisis”, and identified numerous areas for systemic improvement;
  • in 2017 a majority of senior Registered Liberals identified an urgent need for:
    • better access to family doctors and healthcare services
    • reduced wait times for specialists and medical procedures
    • innovation for service delivery efficiency and cost reduction;


 BE IT RESOLVED the Liberal Party of Canada urge the federal government to:

  • accept the Naylor Report’s recommendations to lead systemic reform of healthcare;
  • in cooperation with provinces, territories, and professional organizations, identify and implement methods to:
  • provide every Canadian access to family physician supervised primary care
  • eliminate wait times to access specialists and surgical procedures that adversely affect Canadian’s health
  • foster continuing innovation to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and ensure consistent health care delivery throughout Canada;
  • Report regularly to Canadians on progress toward achieving the above improvements including data based on patient-derived metrics.

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