Leave to Study Program

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)


  • the Government of Canada continues to invest in and helps Canadians gain the skills, abilities, and experience needed to find and maintain good employment;
  • the skills needed in our Canadian labour market continue to change and require advancement in literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills;
  • there should be opportunities for workers to pursue further education and skills training while advancing their careers through employment;
  • the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills under Employment and Social Development Canada recognizes that literacy and other such skills are needed for Canadians to succeed in their employment and in other walks of life;

BE IT RESOLVED the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Government of Canada to establish a “leave to study” program, which may be defined as the option of employees who have been employed with an employer (of a prescribed size) for 12 months to take a leave of absence for further study directly related to their work;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that qualifying applicants to such a program receive financial remuneration through the Employment Insurance program for six months, with or without contribution from the employer;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Employment and Social Development Canada shall operate the program under joint agreement with provincial ministries of labour with the goal of advancing the priorities of each province;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the initiation of such a program may include a pilot program in each or any province or territory under Part V of the Employment Insurance Act.

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