Environmental Sustainability

Moved by Senior Liberals' Commission


  • senior Registered Liberals across Canada identified through the 2017 SLC Policy
    Questionnaire the need for “government leadership in addressing all aspects of
    environmental sustainability, including air, water, and land, not just climate change and not just mitigation” as a priority issue for consideration during the next federal election campaign;
  • the federal government has prioritized reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the global climate;
  • numerous studies, such as the Brundtland report titled “Our Common Future”, suggest that the current pace and nature of global economic activity is not environmentally sustainable ;
  • other studies, such as Dietz and O’Neil’s hypothesis contained in “Enough is Enough – Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources”, suggest that a larger proportion of the global population could achieve a middle-class lifestyle with a reduced impact on the environment;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Government of Canada:

  • to accept that it must provide active leadership to set and achieve goals for long term environmental sustainability, including air, water, land, habitat, and species
    diversification in addition to climate change;
  • to recognize that such leadership will require changes in individual, corporate and
    government behaviour and attitudes;
  • to work urgently with individual, corporate and indigenous stakeholders to identify and implement new economic development models that better balance environmental sustainability with economic activity.

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