Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the Liberal Party of Canada’s Biennial Convention?

The 2018 Liberal National Convention will be held April 19–21, 2018 – featuring two and a half full days of keynotes, sessions and workshops – at the new Halifax Convention Centre, 1650 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS. Participants will also have an opportunity to register for pre- and post- convention tours.

Who can attend the Convention?

At the Winnipeg 2016 Liberal Biennial Convention, the Liberal Constitution was amended in important ways that will make our 2018 Liberal National Convention in Halifax more open and inclusive than ever before. Any Registered Liberal who has registered and paid the applicable fee may attend the Convention. In order to vote on policies and for any elected officials, you must have registered for the convention and as a Liberal at least 14 days prior to the Convention, i.e. April 4, 2018.

What are the registration fees?

The National Board of the Liberal Party of Canada has lowered the registration fees significantly to encourage as many Liberals as possible to attend from across the country – including the lowest fees in decades for young Canadians. You must pay your registration fee when you register.

If you are not a Victory Fund or Laurier Club donor, you must sign up (join the Laurier Club, donate to the Victory Fund) prior to registering in order to benefit for the reduced fees.

Category Convention Fee
Regular $449
Victory Fund $349
Laurier Club $195
Youth (14 - 25)* $195
Indigenous $195
Observers $1565

*To qualify for the Youth convention rate, the registrant must be under 26 years old on the start date of convention.

What are the most important dates to keep in mind?

Please check this section regularly as we will be adding more important information.

January 12: Registration opens

February 16 (Extended!): Last day for Early-bird registration

March 2: Deadline to register for pre and post convention tours

April 4: Deadline to Register as a Liberal in order to vote on policies or for elected offices at convention
* In order to vote on policies and for any elected officials, you must have registered for the convention and as a Liberal at least 14 days prior to the Convention.

April 19: Onsite Convention registration opens at 11 am. We strongly recommend that you pre-register and pay in order to avoid long lineups on site

April 19: Commission General Meetings in the afternoon and Official Convention Opening with Keynote

April 20: Full day of convention programming

April 21: Full day of convention programming, including the Halifax Closing Party

What is the purpose of the convention?

The 2018 Liberal National Convention will host Liberals from across Canada to prepare the party for the next election, to discuss and vote on policy resolutions, to elect National Board and Commission Officers, to attend innovative campaign training workshops, and to hear from exciting keynote speakers and special guests. As an important milestone on the road to the 2019 election campaign, you don’t want to miss this!

How do I get involved in policy development?

Please consult the Policy section on the Convention website and the Policy Development Tool Kit for information about getting involved, having your say, and deadlines pertaining to policy resolutions.

How do I become an observer?

If you are interested in attending the 2018 Liberal National Convention and are not a Registered Liberal, you can register as an observer to attend (but not vote). If you’d like to register to attend the 2018 Liberal National Convention as an observer, please complete the observer registration form.

Do I have to register in advance to attend?

Anyone who would like to attend the convention should register in advance to avoid long line-ups on site. Registration for the Convention is now open.

When does onsite registration open at the Convention?

On-site registration for the 2018 Liberal National Convention will be located on the Convention Level of the Halifax Convention Centre, and will open on Thursday, April 19 at 11:00 AM. Please bring photo identification for registration as well as your registration email confirmation. It is strongly recommended that you pre-register, and if applicable, take advantage of special early-bird discounts!

How do I pay for my registration fee?

Registration fees must be paid either from an individual’s own personal funds, by an Electoral District Association, or from funds raised through eligible third parties. We cannot accept cash payments, or payments from corporations. If registering onsite, then you can pay by credit card or debit.

For more detailed information for EDAs on how to assist registrants with their fees and expenses, click here.

Is my registration fee eligible for a tax receipt?

Yes. A receipt for income tax purposes will be issued to all delegates and observers for an eligible contribution amount. A portion of your registration fee is considered a donation to the Liberal Party of Canada and is therefore tax-deductible and entitles you to a tax credit. The size of your tax credit depends on the amount you donate in 2018:

Federal Contribution First $400 Next $350 Over $750
% credit 75% 50% 33.33%
Max. credit $300 $175 $175
Max $650 Credit
Limits on contributions

Only Canadian citizens or permanent residents may make political contributions, in the following amounts:

  • no more than $1,575 in any calendar year to each registered political party
  • no more than $1,575 in total in any calendar year to the various entities of each registered political party (registered associations, nomination contestants and candidates)
  • no more than $1,575 in total to the leadership contestants in a particular leadership contest

For more information about tax credits or donation limits, please refer to Elections Canada website.

Media Inquiries

The media accreditation process is now open and available here. For all other media inquiries, please contact

Does the Liberal Party have special travel rates to Halifax?

Yes! We’ve negotiated special travel rates to Halifax and these rates are posted here. However, we encourage you to check for seat sales as these fares may occasionally be lower than booking with the Convention codes.

Are there special hotel rates?

Unfortunately, our special hotel rates have expired and remaining reserved rooms have been released. However, hotels may still have rooms available at their regular rate — please contact them directly for more information.

A list of convention hotels can still be found, here:

What are pre- and post-convention tours?

For the first time, we are offering pre and post convention tours. Come early and stay later to enjoy Maritime hospitality. Halifax is ranked #4 in the world among Trip Advisor’s destinations on the rise. Check out the tours here.