Inclusion of Mental Health Services in Medicare and the Canada Health Act

Moved by Liberal Party of Canada (Nova Scotia)


  • poor mental health places a burden on all Canadians, particularly those living in poverty and/or working in positions with no provision of health care insurance;
  • one in five Canadians experiences a mental health problem;
  • accessible fully funded mental health programs and services have been advocated by many for years;
  • examples of effective community based mental health services exist and have resulted in effective care;
  • studies of effective services to treat mental illness through co-management of mental and physical ailments, where appropriate, has resulted in recovery rates of 60%;
  • the sponsors of this resolution researched the literature and held public consultations with 99.5% of respondents supporting this Resolution.


BE IT RESOLVED the Liberal Party of Canada urges the Government of Canada to:

  • amend the Canada Health Act and develop a national framework to ensure the inclusion of mental health services within Medicare;
  • in consultation with provincial and territorial governments and indigenous groups, establish a systematic universal system of effective funded mental health programs and services as a component of Canada’s Health Care funding.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a pilot program evaluate the effectiveness of community based partnerships led by mental health and primary care professionals in each region of Canada for up to a 5-year period with annual reports to Parliament on effectiveness, cost and outcomes.

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